Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Some pictures from our camping trip to Yosimite last weekend - more to come!


  1. Charlotte, I was such a pleasure to meet you both this evening at Shelly's. I wish we had had more time to get to know you before the when home. Your blog is amazing and your photos are stunning. In fact I'd like to get the first dogwood photos in the first blog. Let me know home much for just the photo. It will be a great Anniversary present for Adam for next year.
    It was a pleasure and I hope it is not the last we see of you.
    I'll follow you on your blog.

  2. YOUR PICTURES ARE VINTAGE FROM HEAVEN. KEEP it up sister!!!! you capture God's eye..His vintage eye.

  3. i saw settlers of catan, didn't i? that's husband's favorite game!


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