Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is a treasury list I made today. Click at the picture to get to the treasury and check out the shops. What's a treasury? It's a thing at etsy.com were you can list items from different shops and make a shopping gallery out of it. It's a great way of discovering new shops! Go here if you want to check out more treasury lists.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

..baby birthday party part II

All the kids got a little gift. For the girls I made a flower headband and for the boys I madet a "treasury" bag with their name on.

When I started thinking about this party I got greatly inspired by this amazing mom. Talk about taking a birthday party to a whole new level!

Monday, February 20, 2012

..baby birthday party

We had a really fun time this weekend when we gathered a lot of babies and their parents for our girls first birthday party. I have been so inspired by many theme parties I have seen online, so I wanted to do to a theme party for my girl as well. The theme was "Bœ bœ lille lam" (a Norwegian song - bah bah, little lamb), since my girl loves sheep and says "bah" a lot!

When the first guest arrived I was really surprised!!.. I totally forgot when I had invited the guest! or.. I thought it was an hour later than when they actually arrived. Yup, that's me. And everyone who know us know that they shouldn't arrive to early when they are gonna visit us - cause we are reaaaaally last minute persons. Anyway, I had to ignore our very messy house, super quickly decorate the cake table and hurry up snapping some photos (while I still was baking and figuring out what my baby should wear..). We were lucky to get a lot of help from our very nice guests.

I designed the printable decorations for the party (hit me an e-mail if you want to reuse it) and made a little gift to all the babies (I'll blog about it later). We also had a photo booth were the babies where posing on a little lamb or a lambskin (depending on their age), or next to the lamb if even the baby was unborn (never to small to join a birthday party!)

I think I'll never get tired of doing this, though it's very time consuming..

If you want to see the 1 year old photo shoot we had with our little girl, then go to my photoblog.

Have a very great day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

..forest princess birthday girl

A year ago today I gave birth to the sweetest little girl. I still think it's so surreal that I'm a mom. Anyway, here is a sneak peak of her room. I been looking forward to decorate my baby's room ever since I was a kid (and my mom refused to paint my room pink.. now I have turned up just like her:)

I wore this crown as a bride, so I love that I can use it again (hanging over her bed). As you see from the title of this post, the keywords for her room is forest princess. Another keyword is sheep! Yup, it's a tough one..

Happy birthday my precious little Nora!

Friday, February 3, 2012


This week I opened up a new shop at etsy, and I have started another blog. I felt the occasion was worthy a giveaway. My very first. There will be three different prizes and three different winners and this is what you can win:


I'm all over this! The drawings on this beautiful print is probably form around 1843. This was later printed and hand coloured in Edinburgh, I don't know when, but it's a really long time ago!  


I love this dishtowel and everything else Brooke (who I count as my American sister) and Justin make and sell on their etsy shop. You should definitely check it out!


To enter this giveaway, go to my photoblog and vote for your favorite photo collection, either these four: Vintage flowers, Vintage California, Cupcakes or the Violin pictures (vote in the poll to the right at the photoblog). Let me know in a comment below what you choose and why you chose the one you did. That's it.

I will use a program to pick three random winners on my birthday, March 6th . Until then, feel free to follow (that will make me really happy) my new blog and check out my etsy site!

Photo By Rosenhoff (Blog)
By Rosenhoff (Etsy)

PS! If you don't have a blog then just write your email so I can contact you if you win.

For å bli med i denne konkurransen så går du til min photoblogg og stemmer på din favoritt-bildekolleksjon. Kom tilbake til denne bloggen og legg igjen en kommentar på hvilken du valgte og hvorfor du valgte akkurat den. Har du ingen blogg så kan du skrive e-postadressen din slik at jeg kan informere deg om du skulle bli en av vinnerene.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

..living room

I think those before and after pics will have to wait for a while. No rooms are completely finished. But I'll continue with the snippets. The blue fabric you see is from our couch. We got it from the previous owners of the house and we like it very much! It's from the late 60's. And the "new" vintage ladder is also very loved.

Tomorrow it's time for my very first giveaway..

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