Tuesday, August 3, 2010

..different uses of frames

Frame a baby. Photo by Myriah Grubbs

Paint on the glass. See my blogpost about this..

Frame a note. See my blogpost about this..

Put something outside the frame. Pic from my livingroom.

Frame some jewelry. Pic from my livingroom.

Empty frames. Photo beautiful, but unkown to me..

Frame clock! Buy it at www.dutchbydesign.com, or just make your own.

Awesome Christmas calendar made by this girl.


  1. I love the yellow empty frames. I think I may steal that idea. :)

  2. Love the christmas calender!! ;)
    An I cant wait to see your beautiful home!!

  3. Love the yellow frames also.........wonder how to hang them without making lots of holes in the wall or using something sticky. Any suggestions?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi there! You could hang them with nylon fishing line from nails you hammer in at top of the wall. Or you can hang from a stick, something like this, but it have to be hanging high and close to the wall:


    Another idea is to get a picture shelf as I have blogged about earlier:


    I hope this gave you some ideas :)


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