Friday, January 28, 2011

..suitcase addiction

First of all, cudos to Katie Thompson for designing this awesome chair!

Second of all, yes, I must admit that I have a suitcase addiction (vintage suitcases). The problem is that I don't want too much stuff in my tiny appartment that don't have a function. But luckily for me suitcases are great for organizing stuff! Here is a list of ideas on what to fill them with;

..Board games
..Art supplies
..Baby clothes
..Towels you have any other ideas?

I also like this idea I found at 'A beach cottage'


  1. Me to! Dem e så bra til å oppbevare greier i!
    Spennende med gjette konkuranse..kreativt..hehe..


  2. A little something I thought you might like. I ADORE this suitcase...the colors, the fabric...all of it.

    Have a beautiful Valentine's! <3

  3. Suitcases... are stylish dog beds, too. :D I plan to find both a dog and a suitcase for him when I finish my studies^^


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