Friday, July 1, 2011 wrap

After being on my first vacation with a baby I must say that this pice of cloth is a must have! There are many kinds that can be bought, mine is a Moby wrap. It's so comfortable to wear, easy to get around with and it's better for the baby's back and hips to be carried in this compeared to other carriers. 

But I must warn you - It can be pretty embarrassing to try to get a hang of the wrapping in public..

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  1. en fantastisk måte å bære sitt barn på. Må jo føles trygt og godt å få ligge å lytte til det mammahjertet den har hørt så lenge.Nærhet.

    Skulle ønske jeg hadde oppdaget metoden den gang jeg hadde en så liten tass!

    Nydelig bilde!


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